Eleven months after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, trials have begun for the more than 160 people arrested during violent anti-Trump protests in Washington...
Arguably the most important issues Cantrell will have to address first are combating crime and the needs of the New Orleans Police Department.
$9 million of surplus money is now available for drainage improvements in Lafayette Parish. ...
Tonight at a city council meeting in New Iberia, Todd D'Albor is now the new police chief in the city. ...
She says her inspiration and passion for the community comes from her own life's lessons growing up.
AT&T is vowing to fight the U.S. government to save its $85 billion bid for Time Warner. Here's what we know.
The New Orleans mayoral transition will take five months.
The Trump administration could potentially change how consumers access video, music, web stories and other online content by rolling back many of the net neutrality...
Donna Brazile, a veteran political consultant who became the DNC's interim chair during the 2016 campaign, had a front-row seat to what happened and offers...
The Real Time Crime Monitoring Center will also include nearly 350 public cameras.
Cedric Floyd said he plans to push for a spring election for a new 8.45-mill property tax.
Manning served on the 4th Judicial District bench.
President Donald Trump's signature Make America Great Again...
The Parliament erupted in celebration upon hearing about the departure of Mugabe, the country's first and only president since its independence from Britain in 1980.
BATON ROUGE- Through the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office Junior Deputy program teens get the change to learn about different aspects of law enforcement.
According to the Daily Iberian, the New Iberia City Council will introduce and ratify Todd D'Albor as chief of the New Iberia Police Department tonight...
A group of women who worked alongside Al Franken on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" have signed a statement of support for the Minnesota senator.
The book, titled "In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History," is due out in March.
Thompson, D-Delhi, has served with seven governors.
Most Americans will bolt for the nearest exit if anyone at Thanksgiving dinner steers the conversation head-on into politics, according to a new poll from...
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