The Republican tax bill could repeal a personal casualty loss deduction—or tax cut—for victims of some natural disasters, including fires.
The U.S. president currently has an approval rating of just 32%, according to a Pew survey that also revealed huge divides on Russia.
A former advisor to Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett joins board of 2U. She is also a director at Lyft and Ariel Investments.
Rep. Al Green's H.Res. 646 was voted down by the House on Wednesday with members of the Democratic Party voting against Trump's impeachment.
The Senator from Minnesota, who has been accused of sexual harassment, said he'll have an announcement on Thursday.
Trump announced he would begin moving the U.S. embassy there, despite warnings from world leaders across the globe.
You no longer have to take the LSAT to get into a top law school. Here's why.
Patagonia made a high-profile protest to President Donald Trump's decision to shrink two national monuments.
The outdoor clothing company is embarking on a PR and legal battle to oppose the Trump administration's shrinking of two Utah monuments...
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