The World Health Organization appointed Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe "goodwill ambassador." Here's what drove the controversial choice.
Apple has removed VPN apps from its Chinese App Store, and now Senators Ted Cruz and Patrick Leahy are concerned.
The former President said the U.S. is suffering from a "crisis of confidence."
Donald Trump allegedly told the widow of La David Johnson that the slain soldier "knew what he signed up for."
Senator John McCain on Monday condemned "half-baked, spurious nationalism" in the US during an acceptance speech for the Liberty Medal.
Julian Assange says U.S. government chasing Wikileaks has pushed to organization to bitcoin.
Donald Trump's reelection campaign spent more than $1 million on legal consulting from July to September a finance report has shown.
Larry Flynt wants President Trump impeached — and he's offering millions of dollars if you can help him complete the task.
Hillary Clinton railed against...
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